How we can help your business

As the UK lockdown is gradually being eased staff are getting back into their work environment, companies priorities are to protect the health and safety of its workforce and comply with the 2m social distancing requirements in order to reduce Covid-19 spread amongst staff/colleagues.

This is a very challenging change of working practices for companies and employees. Can businesses still operate smoothly / efficiently and be profitable whilst keeping its staff safe and promoting social distancing?

Previously shop floor staff used to rub shoulders with each other in busy areas but now we must ensure staff are working further apart and are separated from other work groups and areas as much as possible. This applies to everyone from staff in warehouses, supermarkets, schools, quarries etc.

It maybe quite a daunting project to make your work environment safe and the business operate more effectively, but two-way radios will help with all these situations and more.

Two-way radio provides a cost effective and immediate way of communicating with one or too many colleagues without the need for unnecessarily going looking for them, possibly putting yourself and others at contamination risk and also this is a very inefficient and ineffective waste of staff time.

Assisting new customers during Covid-19 lockdown

Nortech was contacted soon after the start of the Covid-19 lockdown to look to deliver three new radio solutions for a new national customer who had been let down.

The customer needed new radio equipment and antennas supplying / installing and commissioned so the equipment could go live the same day in Kent and the next day for two installations in West Yorkshire.

Due to our vast knowledge and experience in delivering key projects this was scoped out and delivered without any issues ensuring the highest rate of customer satisfaction and resulting coverage levels.

Two of the sites required temporary generators and all sites required 8 hours of battery back up with a comprehensive photograph and labelling hand over pack compiled and approved.

We have since attended more sites in Kidderminster, Newcastle and Glasgow to assist.

Why use two-way radios?

  • Give all staff the confidence that their H&S is being addressed and that they have the required tools in place to help do their job safely
  • Provide instant, clear and reliable communications from 1 to 1 conversations or 1 to many therefore keeping you a safe distance from other areas and staff
  • With reducing the areas staff can visit, radios will help efficiency and effectiveness of all staff
  • With more lone working envisaged, radios can also assist in sending lone working alarms and man down emergency functions
  • Radios can be quickly and easily disinfected as can their chargers so as to keep the risk of transfer of the virus